14th Mar 2013

Yo, Tumblr science bloggers:

Re: my post on scientific literacy, if we expect people to become scientifically literate, then someone has to teach them—and the education might as well start here. 

Though Tumblr’s #science tag is awesome, it can be intimidating to people who don’t have the background knowledge to put the posts featured there into context. What would be really cool is to utilise another tag (not a featured one) as a space to promote scientific literacy.

Science bloggers could definitely take over the #sci-lit tag, using it to tag whatever posts of theirs deal with basic scientific concepts. It’s a really simple thing to do—just add one tag to suitable posts—and eventually it would pool our efforts and knowledge, building up a database of core concepts of science that people can refer to and engage with. This will hopefully give them an initial intellectual framework upon which they can build more specific scientific knowledge.

Basically, I just want to teach people cool stuff, and y’all should want to do that too. Therefore: OCCUPY #SCI-LIT!

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    You genius woman.
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    This is a wonderful idea! Education should always be considered one of the most important aspects of science.
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    Lauren, I cannot tell you how amazing you are.
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    This sounds like a really great idea.