20th Feb 2013

Interested in writing about neat sciencey stuff?

I know it seems like this only just happened, but if you’d like your writing to be featured on sciencesoup in April, I’m now accepting guest articles again! I’ll be going to the land of FREEDOM for three weeks, staying in Texas and D.C., and although I’ll have internet access, I’d rather have a queue set up so I’m not worried about keeping you guys in the science-know. 

Submissions must:

  • Deal informatively with a topic relevant to the STEM fields (but you have a free choice of topic within those parameters, as long as I haven’t previously written about it)
  • Follow my current blog format—that is, short one paragraph articles of under 300 words
  • Be your own original writing, and be factually correct
  • Be written clearly, concisely, and in an interesting manner
  • Include a relevant image (or images) with a source link

Instead of emailing your submission(s) to me like last time, I’ve opened my submissions inbox so you can submit articles directly to this blog. Of course, if published, you’ll be fully credited, so please include your URL in your submission. There’s a limit of two submissions per person, and the deadline will be the 31st of March.

I’ll be choosing the articles I think are interesting and well-written, so I look forward to seeing your best work. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me or email me—even if I don’t reply promptly, I guarantee I’ll reply nicely!

Submit here—good luck!

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