7th Feb 2013

Here are some facts about Sir Patrick Moore:

  • He loathed bureaucrats and politicians, but he did join the Monster Raving Loony Party as Minister for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs
  • He once played piano with Einstein.
  • He wrote more than 100 musical compositions, including one in praise of Halley’s Comet. He once listened to an entire Viennese waltz on the radio before realising he’d written it himself.
  • He was so clumsy that one time while dancing with his fiancé, he backed her into a cactus.
  • He swallowed a fly on live television.
  • He lavished his affections on his cat, Bonnie, who appeared in his garden as a kitten saying, according to him, “I am a black and white kitten without a home and you are a home without a black and white kitten.” And of course there was no arguing with that.
  • After Bonnie died, he got a second cat and named it Ptolemy.
  • He played the xylophone
  • He once joined the Flat Earth Society as an ironic joke
  • When he was eight, he received a 1908 typewriter, which he used to write every single one of his books all the way through his life.
  • He owned this shirt: 
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    He was also a vehement sexist, racist, and homophobe. Don’t honor the person but the science.
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